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<tc>Saipan/ Guam /Tinian  10 / 15 Days ( 4G LTE ) Local High Speed Data Card 4GB Daily</tc>

<tc>Saipan/ Guam /Tinian  10 / 15 Days ( 4G LTE ) Local High Speed Data Card 4GB Daily</tc>

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Data Card Details :

Real-name registration: Not required

  • Destination: Saipan/Guam/Tinian
  • Data Plan:  10days / 15days ( The valid day is caculated since activated moment )
  • Local network operator: Pacific Docomo
  • Data Speed ​​: 4G /LTE
  • Data usage: 4GB Daily
  • APN (Access Point Name): internet
  • Share Hotspot: Support
  • SIM type: Nano, Micro, Normal SIM three-in-one (applicable to various mobile phones)

Product Features

  • Arriving at the destination,insert the data card, turn on data roaming and it will be automatic activatied and used. 
  • This data card only includes Internet data services, and does not support voice calls and SMS functions

Reminder:  If you want to use the call function, please use the chat software

(eg: WhatsApp / Telegram, etc. for voice calls)

  • No real-name registration, no need to pre-set
  • Support hotspot sharing, this card can connect to Facebook, Youtube, Line, etc, without network restrictions
  • Suitable for all smartphones, tablets and computers

    How to use :

    • Please do not insert the card into the phone before arriving at the destination to avoid early activation
    • Insert the card to your phone when you arrive at destination
    • Turn on mobile data and data roaming , and keep the network selection as automatic, wait a few minutes for the phone to search the network
    • If the mobile phone is not successfully connected to the Internet, please select the operator to turn off automatic, and manually select the operator "Pacific Docomo"
    • Using Instructions:

    Order Information

    • if we receive your order, the confirmation email will provided as followed:
    • Your order details
    • The price of amount charged
    • Your order Follow-up information:email or phone number
    • Data expected to be sent and delivered.
    • The handle time and right address
    • After we confirm receipt of the payment, we will send the card by post (Economy Shipping or SF Express) within 5 working daysdays, and notifiy you by the registered email or WhatsApp
    • If we cancel your order, we will notify you by email or WhatsApp registered with the customer, and give a full refund as soon as possible. Please accept that we are not resiponsible for any compensation for your dissatisfaction.

    Troubles checking

    • If you have problems using data, please follow the steps to check
    • Is the package purchased consistent with the travel destination?
    • Is the current location covered by the network provider?
    • Is the local network same as the one shown on the Topsi package ?
    • Have mobile data and data roaming been turned on?
    • After inserting the mobile phone, is the Topsi data card selected for your mobile data use?
    • If you are using a dual SIM phone, please check if the current mobile data service matches the card slot of this card?
    • ( APN ) Does the access point name match the product description?
    • If the mobile phone fails to automatically set (APN) the access point name: internet, please refer to the inside of the envelope or the following LINK instruction
    • If you still cannot access the Internet after checking the above steps, please refer to the following to restart the Sim Card
    • Restart Sim Card teaching
    • Technical Support WhatsApp +852 6418 6186

      Terms and Conditions

      • If it is not a product problem, once the data card is sold, no refund will be accepted
      • If the seal of this package is damaged or has been opened and suspected of being used, please contact us immediately
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